Facts About Roman Catholic Diocese

The Roman Catholicism has prevailed as a decisive spiritual force in Western civilization history. This is among the major existing Christianity branch along the Eastern Protestantism and Orthodoxy. Keep reading to learn the facts of the Roman Catholicism;

This spiritual force traces its history back to the Apostles and Jesus Christ. For long times back, Roman Catholicism developed an elaborate organizational structure and a highly sophisticated theology. It is headed by papacy; this is actually among the existing old continuing world monarchy.

There are nearly 1.1 billion Roman Catholics in the world; this is greater than the number of all other religious traditions combined. Even though more Muslims exist in the world than the Roman Catholics, its number is greater than Sunni Islam and Shiʿi individual traditions.

The Roman Catholicism’s incontestable historical and statistical facts show that some Roman Catholicism’s institutional structure, history, its practices and beliefs and the place it stands in the world is an indispensable cultural literacy component regardless of individual answers to the ultimate questions of death and life of faith.

You need to grasp the understanding of this spiritual force so that you will be able to make Middle Ages historical sense, the literary sense of the popular Dante’s Divine Comedy, intellectual sense of St. Thomas Aquinas works and the artistic sense of Gothic cathedrals.

Roman Catholicism’s interpretation is at a certain level closely related to Christianity interpretation. This spiritual force’s history by reading originated with the beginnings of Christianity. The Roman Catholicism can be interpreted and described by several methodologies and from different perspectives just like any other ancient and intricate phenomenon.

Thus this spiritual force is itself a complex institution in which the organizational structure or rather usual pyramid diagram extends its roots as the pope at the apex of the pyramid and the believers just at the pew of it.